Where to go when you need financial help?

We believe that cultural education plays an indispensable role in the personal development of young and old, nourished by the value of art in itself. Based on this conviction, we want to make active cultural participation possible for everyone and share our knowledge and expertise. In this way we contribute to an inspiring and connected society in the Haarlemmermeer region.

We believe that a course should be within the financial reach of all students. There are financial arrangements for which students are eligible.

Pupils from 8 to 18 years old receive the competition group or selection class without extra costs, when the other lessons are paid for by Stichting Leergeld Haarlemmermeer or a similar foundation. In this way we make dance and the quality we stand for accessible to everyone.

If you would like to know whether financial support is possible for you, please contact:

Stichting Leergeld Haarlemmermeer

PO Box 600

2130 AP Hoofddorp