Vaganova or RAD

Almost all our teachers are introduced in the Vaganova system. Some prefer the RAD system.

Our classes are open for everyone and the teacher has one goal: creating fun in movement. To do so, she will offer different styles, different music and she will work hard to get the group at a higher level. That is the only way to create fun:

By challenging and embracing the student as he/she grows in the technique. We use both systems for this. Our students are welcome at the auditions for Nationale Balletacademie and The Conservatory, but that is not a starting point for us. The student will be trained there in the Vaganova system.

Not everyone wants, needs and is able to attend professional training. It is our goal to shape the lessons in such a way that the student can grow according to their own abilities. You can only enjoy your hobby when there is a challenge offered.

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