Ballet clothing

We think it is important that our students wear the proper ballet cloths. It brings unity in the group, gives a bit form to the distinguished, sophisticated and disciplined way of life that belongs to ballet training. A leotard has a function as well, same as proper shoes.

After the trial class, we would really appreciate when students come to class in correct ballet clothing. Please order at the studio. We work with Please scroll down and see what you need in class.

You will get an oder form in the studio.


All ballet students need canvas ballerina, Kids click here and adults click here

All ballet students need pink ballerina tights, click here

Students up to 6 years need a pink tutu, click here

Or a pink leotard (click here) with a pink skirt (click here)

Please make your own choice for a tutu or a separate leotard/skirt. 

All students 6-18 year olds, need a black, basic leotard. Please make your own choice 1. Diane of 2. Faustine

Students 12 years are welcome to wear a beautiful leotard in class, we need the basic one for the shows and performances. 

Streetdance, hiphop, showdance and Funky

Funky kids, streetdance, Showdance and hiphop students up to 10 years need black/pink sneakers, click here. Students 12 years and older need proper black dance sneakers, click here

Funky kids, streetdance, Showdance and hiphop students up to 10 years need a black pants, click here and we would really love it if they have a fuchsia singlet with the Dance & Ballet Company logo. Please buy this singlet in the studio, 12,95.

Adults really love Deha leggings in black, click here, with a nice shirt for streetdance, hiphop and yoga.