Sunday morning

September 21: 9:30 yoga

Do you want a slowly wake up on a Sunday morning? This is possible with this one-time children’s yoga lesson. Dance, music, meditation and exercises are central. Are you in? These Sunday morning activities are separate lessons and accessible to everyone. There is a minimum group size so registration is necessary. Up to 10 years

Sunday morning yoga

October 3: 9:30 musical

This one-time lesson focuses on 1 musical. We work on lyrics, singing and dancing for 2 hours. We provide a short break with refreshments. Immediately afterwards a performance for the parents! This one-time lesson will take place if there is sufficient interest: registration is therefore necessary.

Up to 12 years

October 10: 9:30 ballet 

One-time lesson with ballet, crafts and lots of creativity. At the end a presentation for the parents in their own costumes. This lesson is one-time and will continue if there is sufficient interest. Registration is therefore necessary! Up to 9 years.

Here you find our address, telephone number and contact form. You can sign in by sending us a mail 7 days before the workshop date.