Third Important letter for the show

Letter of 3/3,

Here you will find the third and last important letter about the show! Read this letter carefully and save it, please.

Participation contribution: € 10, – p.p directly hand in. Preferably in a closed envelope with your name, class day and time on it. Parents, please pay attention to this!

Sunday 19 & 26 May are the big generales from 10-12.30 on which we expect all students, except the toddlers. Schedules are in the hallway near the studio. General location: STUDIO

Friday, June 7 19: 00-21: 00: Walk-through 1, location STUDIO. There is not enough time on stage for a walk-through for all groups. Therefore all selection classes and lessons for adults are welcome on Friday evening 7/6. Who: selection lessons, Mon / Wed / Thu / Fri evening lessons

Saturday, June 8:

9:45 behind the Philharmonie, Bakenessergracht 72, Haarlem

10:00 Start run 2

12:00 All toddlers present at the back: Bakenessergracht 72, Haarlem

12:00 Checkout open for ticket collection

13:00 Start, probably at the end of 16:00

Do you want to help us make the program booklet financially possible? That would be nice; we like to offer it to the public free of charge. If you place an advertisement for 69, – you will receive 2 free tickets as a thank you! Last chance: submit until May 16

Ticket sales: there are sufficient tickets available. Mail the desired number to

These are all organizational activities that are involved in a performance. The main goal is to let the students and the public experience an unforgettable afternoon and to enjoy the dance pleasure that we would like to share with everyone. Lots of fun!

Overview for international classes:

Toddlers: Wednesday 13:30, Thursday 14:00, Friday 14:00 & 15:00, Saturday 9:15

NO 19/26 of may, NO 7 of June

8th of June: 12:00 All toddlers present at the back: Bakenessergracht 72, Haarlem

Note the following:

All costumes must be the same: is there a fidgety right? Then everyone’s right. Someone is missing a headband and cannot be supplemented? Then everyone leaves out the headband.

We are very strict on simple, clear things: pink ballet shoes are pink and absolutely no other color. No holes and ladders in tights. No colored hair elastics or decorative pins, no unshaven armpits, earrings and other jewelry and no adhesive tattoos.

All parents do their best and are disappointed that some parents handle this easily. When there are unseen black shoes among the pink ones, we get angry reactions from parents in the crowd who have purchased the right shoes. We agree: after a season of dancing and gift moments such as Christmas and birthday, this should be arranged.