Second important letter for the show

Here you will find the second important letter about the performance! This year our performance is on SATURDAY June 8 at the Philharmonie in Haarlem at 1 p.m. Students are expected well in advance. The probable end is 16:00.

Do you want to help with the performance: very nice! The sign-up lists are in the studio.

Do you want to help us make the program booklet financially possible? That would be nice; we are happy to offer it to the public free of charge. If you place an advertisement for 69, – you will receive 2 free tickets as a thank you!

Participation contribution (10 per person and not per lesson) must be submitted to your teacher between 1 and 22 April. Preferably in a closed envelope with your name, class day and time on it. This contribution is to help with the purchase of makeup and washing, repairing, supplementing and updating costumes.

Sunday 19 & 26 May are the big generales from 10-12.30 on which we expect all students, except the toddlers. This year we will split the rehearsal to two days. In the studio an overview can be found on when we expect students. No matter how difficult it is for family planning on Sundays, children enjoy this very much. We count on all children!

Ticket sales will be on Saturday 13 April from 10 am to 12 am. After this the tickets can be reserved by e-mail. Tickets are € 19.50 each. Only on sale in the studio on April 13, you will receive the 6th ticket for free. The reason for the precious cards is the walletless break; drinks are ready made for you. Unfortunately, we cannot live up to this obligation of the theater. So make sure you use the free wardrobe and the drink during the break. You paid for it.

These are all organizational activities that are involved in a performance. The main goal is to let the students and the public experience an unforgettable afternoon and to enjoy the dance pleasure that we would like to share with everyone. Lots of fun!