DBC – International


Monday 2 September we will start again. We then start with 14 days of Free Try Outs. That means that all our students can dance as much as they want! New students or people from other dance schools are also welcome to follow 14 days of lessons. We call it training, getting acquainted or just good advertising. Because say for yourself: talking about a dance class is very different from experiencing a dance class.

It is also not possible to look with us. When you look, it sometimes looks too easy. Others are scared and are too impressed to take another trial lesson. In addition, being watched is actually not really something you are waiting for. So we think you should participate and experience lessons. If your three-year-old daughter is not so brave, you simply participate as a mom.

Free Try Outs means that everyone can dance. Take a friend with you, come without notice or information in advance and stand as a 12 year old among the adults. Nothing good, all right. This way our teacher team can get to know everyone. That also means that after the two weeks we create Free Try Outs groups as we like to see them. In the first instance, the level is decisive so that the lessons can be given at a good quality level. Second, we keep an eye on the ages. Unfortunately girls of 12; it will not be a whole season of dancing with the 18+ girls.

We strictly keep two age groups apart: children of groups 1 and 2 do not belong to children of group 3. We also do not place children of group 8 among children of class 1. The world of experience, possibility of concentration and cognitive and motor development of these age groups ensures that they are also kept apart in regular education. So there is a reason for that. There are two lessons on our class schedule where we let this go. If you have questions about this, we are ready for you.

For good lesson advice it is useful to call or email in advance. I.v.m. the lessons to be given are sometimes difficult to reach by telephone. Mailing is then preferred!

Do you want lesson advice? Mailing is the fastest or call Nicole (06- You are also welcome to just come and join us! Take a look here in the class schedule.