Wij dansen de hele zomervakantie door. Opgeven is noodzakelijk. 

Lessen 18+, vanaf 1 juli STUDIO

1 juli, 19:30 Klassiek int/adv
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8 juli, 19:30 Modern int/adv
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15 juli, 19:30 Modern int/adv
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22 juli, 19:30 Salsa
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29 juli, 19:30 Hiphop – (evt. buiten)
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5 augustus, 19:30 Modern int/adv
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12 augustus, 19:30 Klassiek int/adv
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Lessen 18-, minimaal 3 jaar ervaring:

1 juli 18:30, Modern techniek
8 juli 18:30, Klassiek int
22 juli 18:30, Klassiek int
5 augustus 18:30, Klassiek int

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De aangeboden lessen zijn voor onze leerlingen en hun ouders zonder kosten te volgen. Omdat we geen idee hebben van de animo en er in de omgeving niets dergelijks en niets structureels wordt aangeboden, zijn de lessen ook toegankelijk voor mensen van andere dansscholen. Aan deze bezoekers vragen we een lesprijs van 12,50. 

From May 12 we start carefully again with lessons: for children and teenagers. Under the heading Corona measures you will find the adapted class schedule, the location and rules that we must adhere to.

We communicate via our newsletter, website and a flyer that is distributed during the lessons. If there are any adjustments, we will let you know that way. Think of expanding or limiting the national rules of life that have consequences for our dance lessons.

We would like to point out that everyone is welcome: both students and their brothers, sisters, girlfriends and friends.

Our Corona plan consists of three main pillars. The first of these is providing lessons outside, or inside at a later stage, for anyone who wants to participate. We hope that everyone dances as much as possible! We will be happy to communicate the other two pillars with you as soon as they are feasible and not in violation of national rules.

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